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                A Letter to WWF

                [日期:2015-04-13] 來源:國際班  作者:張碧璇 [字體: ]


                Dear WWF

                  I am a student in Grade 1 in No.27Middle School. During my English learning, I know that WWF meanWorld Wild Fund for naturewhich is an international non-govermental organization.

                  I think protecting the endangered animals is very importantbecause the world is made up of animals. No animals, no world. SO I have some advice for you.

                  First, you can make a documentary about endangered animals for people so that to make them realize the importance of animals protection.

                  Second let volunteers distribute leaflets about importance of endangered animals.

                  Finally, some volunteers can go to some primary schools to perform plays about cute animals to make children like animals, and develop the consciousness to protect animals.     

                  I hope we can do something for animals. Thank you.



                   Your sincerely,


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